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Nutritional Balancing is a means of reducing stress and balancing, strengthening and restoring body chemistry.  When this is done, many health conditions improve.  Nutritional balancing is not a substitute for regular medical care.  It is not a means of diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease or condition, mental or physical. 

Table of Contents

Prologue - 6


Burnout Children - 9

Copying and Transcription errors - 11

Genetic Blocking Errors - 12

Genetic Transfer/Biosynthesis/Slow Growth – 13

Nutritional Depletion of Food - 15

Restoring Soil Health - 17

Water Fluoridation - 18

Organic & Locally Grown Food - 20

Heavy Metal Epidemic - 23

Copper & Addiction – 30

Copper & Stress Response – 32

Copper & Cancer / Veganism & Vegetarianism – 36

More Heavy Metals - 38

Childhood Depression - 43

Autism - 44

ADHD - 46

Allergies - 51

Marijuana - 53

How Nutritional Balancing Removes Toxic Metals - 58

Essential Minerals - 60

Trace Elements - 63

Super Babies - 65

Post Child Delivery – 66

Dr. Weston A Price - 71

Systems Theory - 74

Health Insurance – 77

Fruit – 79

Vaccination – 79

Vaccination Side Effects – 92

Why Vaccines Are So Toxic - 105

Glucose & Mineral Effects on the Mind – 106

Healing Reactions – 107

Infrared Heat Lamp – 115

Electromagnetic Radiation – 116

HIV & AIDS – 118

What is HIV? - 123

Alcohol – 128

Trophoblast Cancer Theory – 133

Yin & Yang Disease – 139

Hypoglycemia, Low Blood Sugar, Anxiety, & Violence – 146

Fear and Panic Attacks Correlation to Hypoglycemia - 150

The Energy Pathway – 152

Methylation – 155

Methylation Strengthens & Lengthens Telomeres - 157

Hospital Cord Clamping – 158

Enzyme Strength – 159

Coffee Enema – 161

Mental Push Down Exercise – 163

Foot Reflexology – 168

Spinal Twist – 170

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Results – 170

Initial Hair Analysis Interpretation – 179

Determination of Oxidation Types – 204

Purpose of Specific Supplements - 206




Mind Affects Health – 215

Three Brains of Man – 228

Importance of Like Minded Social Interaction – 230

Self-Healing – 234

Genetic Imprints & Epigenetics – 239

Idea Implants – 240

Deliberate Practice – 247


SECTION III: Social & Economic - 252


Family Meals – 253

Family Economics – 255

Race Traitors – 257

Importance of Travel and Challenge – 259

Wisdom of Primitive Civilizations – 262

Sex Education – 270

Young People & Stress – 276

Community Organizations & Homeschooling – 282

Taking over Our Children’s Education - 287

Voting – 292

Monkey See, Monkey Do – 293

Academic Success & the 9 to 5 Job - 295

Child Abuse & Lack of Love & Attention – 297

Rape, Sexual Abuse, & Soul Loss - 311

Psychological Reasons for Sexual Molestation - 314

Some Reasons Marriages Don't Work – 317

The Trivium - 321

Why Blacks Must Return to a Male Led Matriarchy – 324

Male Attention vs. Female Submission – 327

Inner Family Therapy – 328

Female Nesting – 333

Sexual Imprinting – 335

Conspiracy to Complain but Do Nothing – 336


SECTION IV: Spirituality & Metaphysics: 339


Equilibrium & Law - 340

MAAT & Law– 344

Astro-Numerological Programming – 347

Anger & Resentment – 355

The Father, Christ, & Satan – 358

Religion & Premature Kundalini Activation – 367

Seven Hermetic Laws – 372

No Such Thing as “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” – 378

Marriage Supper of the Lamb: Conscious, Subconscious, Superconscious - 390

Section 1 Preview

Babies & Children Who Are Burned Out

Brilliant medical genius Dr. Paul Eck, discoverer of Nutritional Balancing Science, and founder of Analytical Research Labs was the first person to coin the term “burnout babies” in the 1970’s. Dr. Lawrence Wilson studied under Dr. Eck and to this day continues his research in the field of Nutritional Balancing, biochemistry and human development. He too uses the term “burnout babies” to describe today’s children. Children of all ages, even those fresh out of the womb are increasingly unhealthy, nutrient deficient and contaminated with toxic heavy metals. We have all seen stories on television, read articles in the newspaper, or experienced firsthand the increase in all types of childhood cancers, autoimmune diseases, attention and hyperactivity disorders, autism, allergies, asthma, and general delayed development in children. This not a coincidence or a case of misdiagnosis in previous generations as many dishonest or merely ignorant authorities would lead you to believe. This book will speak in detail about many chronic childhood diseases that plague today’s youth, their causes, and corrections. A burned-out baby is one who comes into this world with a below optimal vitality level. Vitality in this case can be described as a person’s adaptive energy or life force. Energy is required for all human physiological, mental, and emotional processes. A shortage of vitality or adaptive energy is a huge factor in the illnesses and diseases that we see in today’s children. Vitality is so important that Dr. Eck believed that the subject of Nutrition should be called the science of Human Energy. He noticed that if a person does not have the adaptive energy to correspond appropriately with his environment, he may succumb to depression, disease, emotional problems, or disruption of proper genetic production. All the tenants of a Nutritional Balancing Program are designed to increase the vitality or adaptive energy of people.

A congenital disease can be described as a negative physiological condition that a child is born with. Many children today are born with congenital diseases such as jaundice, low birth weight, and eczema, which can all be signs of low vitality, nutritional deficiencies, or heavy metal toxicity. Most people are taught by their doctors, who are taught by medical schools that are run and funded by large multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical corporations whose only responsibility is to generate profit for their shareholders!

Section 2 Preview

Genetic Imprints & Epigenetics


Many spiritual teachers and scientists teach that remnants of the energies of our ancestors are present within us for the entirety of our lives. Scientifically speaking, those traits and genetics that made one’s parents behave and believe a certain way are ever present in descendants hundreds of years down the road. The spiritual residue, and the genetic memory present in the parents, whether positive or negative will influence the generations following. This means that within each of us lies the genetic imprints that were created and placed within us by our ancestors, tens, hundreds, or even thousands of years ago. Many pastors for example if they dug far enough would find ministers within their family tree. Addictions to sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, and others can be genetically imprinted within one’s system from birth because of the sins of the parents. Once an individual becomes aware of negative habits and propensities towards certain self-destructive and abusive behaviors, they can erase those negative genetic imprints and create new imprints to pass on to their children. There is a Native American teaching which states that those who overcome their faults and negative characteristics in their life place a blessing not only on their future generations for seven cycles, but also their ancestors up to seven generations back.


This is great motivation and inspiration for each person to begin the journey of self-mastery, by overcoming ones emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual baggage, becoming perfect, not in the sense of committing no mistakes, but always seeking growth and perfection. This is the way that we as a people can overcome the oppression and reprobate behavior that is so prevalent amongst human beings now. By cleansing and healing our physical biochemistry through Nutritional Balancing, cleansing and healing our minds and hearts through self-reflection, meditation, prayer, and charity, and by passing our wisdom to our younger generations, we can make a one-hundred eighty degree turn within the next fifty years. The key is understanding that genetic or spiritual imprinting is not an excuse to be lazy and just embrace the negative habits and weaknesses that have been passed on to you through your ancestors, but to turn those weaknesses into strengths and use those experiences to positively affect the lives of others. The karma developed during this time will ensure blessings and happiness for your future generations and yourself as you either reincarnate on Earth once more or move into another realm of existence. Nutritional Balancing in and of itself increases the energy of the physical body so much that the negative imprints begin to dissipate on their own. This is amazing. Imprinting is also developed during the life of an individual when he picks up certain behaviors and habits that come to define him, whether they be positive or negative. Although an individual may not have been born with exhausted adrenal glands, due to a reckless and overly stimulated lifestyle that he may have picked up, that specific imprint may be passed on to his or her child, especially if lots of drugs were ingested for prolonged periods of time.

Section 3 Preview

Family Economics

Family Economics happens when an entire family focuses their time and energy towards a common business or money making opportunity. Each member of the family contributes their own skill set to the business, thus strengthening the business, and building the family wealth and name. An example of family economics is a family who specializes in creating and distributing books and literature. While the father may be the main writer and researcher, his wife who happens to have a marketing degree will market his material through multiple avenues such as internet distributors, local and international magazines, and other organizations. One of the children may have a talent for writing and speaking. This child may develop scripts for short commercials, programs, or full length videos that will be included with the written literature. This will make the business much more professional, profitable, and helpful. Meanwhile, each child can find their niche and develop a skill that will benefit the family unit. One child may be held responsible for the finance and accounting of the business. This kind of family unit not only ensures the financial stability of the family, but also a true spirit of oneness and loyalty will be developed amongst the family members.

Problem solving skills, conflict management, and personal responsibility will all be enhanced with a focus on family economics. No one within the family will be able to be selfish and greedy while participating, because every person is valuable and their work and talents are greatly needed for the success of the business. Sadly, many wives today have a difficult time feeling as though they are working for their husbands, and would rather go and work for an outside company in a regular 9 to 5 situation. Feminist and anti-family indoctrination is designed to move women’s hearts against their men, in order to deconstruct the functional and traditional family, thus leaving the governing authorities and corporations to take control of the household. Today’s obsession with university education is extremely expensive and time consuming. Many single parents’ burn years writing papers, taking tests, and paying for degrees that may or may not afford them the opportunity to make more money. By splitting up the educational responsibilities within members of the family, productivity can flow steadily without bogging down each parent with a heavy load. For example, if this same family decided to get into the tutoring business, tutoring middle school students in math and science, only one parent would necessarily need to learn and perfect their skills in these technical areas.

The other parent could be responsible for learning how to create apps that will chart each student’s progress as they work with the tutoring parent. What would take a single parent five or more years just to get off the ground could take a dedicated couple less than two years to have a fully functional and productive business. There are many women who would rather support their husbands by taking full control of the household chores, ensuring that he is relaxed enough in his home environment to bring full concentration to his work. This is also a form of family economics because even if the household income comes from outside of the family in the form of a nine to five job, a man can only reach a certain level of success in any job or company without the help and support of a good woman. This is the basic family format that was used for generations in this country. Today, the time is conducive for our people to take more control over their lives, their incomes, and their economic situations through starting their own businesses using a family economics format. For instance, in today’s world of information, what would have taken me twenty years to generate the information and understanding necessary to write this book, in our modern world, it has taken me less than three years. The internet has opened the door to glorious opportunities for our people in business and commerce.

Section 4 Preview

Anger and Resentment

Many of our women are very angry and resentful, holding grudges for years and often lifetimes. Anger and resentment in and of itself is a toxic yang form of expression. One may ask how could such negatively yang forces dominate a group of people who are obviously functioning in an overly yin condition, both mentally and biochemically? Chronic anger and resentment is simply an adaptation that a person uses, attempting to balance their biochemical and spiritual energies by overcompensating for their severely yin condition, through the implementation of extreme and toxic yang emotions and biochemical patterns. Most Black women for example are extremely angry even if they do not admit it, it is written all over their faces. For starters, these women are born with ill health and continue to deteriorate in health as they grow older, eat junk food, use copper toxic birth control inserts and estrogen producing birth control pills, are separated from loving fathers, are emotionally abused by parents, and sexually abused by family and friends, all while being pressured to excel in school and career and raise wholesome children. These things make the Black woman in particular, but increasingly all women irrespective of ethnicity extremely yin and unbalanced. For this reason, these women unconsciously adopt a yang attitude of anger. But the yang attitude adopted is on the extreme or toxic side of the yang frequency, leading to the aggressive, angry, combative, contentious, and abusive behavior of many women and men we see in today's world. Religion has played a large and important role in curbing the thoughts and lifestyles of people for hundreds of years, leading them to a more balanced mental and biochemical condition. Today although, religion is simply not enough, no matter how much one may believe or pray, we must remember that we are not only spiritual beings but we are physical and emotional beings as well. All three aspects of ourselves must be addressed and healed today, otherwise many humans will not make it in the coming decades.

Human brains that accumulate too many toxic metals and chemicals become too yin. A yin brain tends to be less logical, analytical, and emotionally stable. Yin brains tend to enjoy loud music, art, and right brain activities such as socializing, and expressing emotions. Young people today are having trouble with analytical and logical thought processes dealing with math and science throughout America. This is a problem that could lead to America's downfall due to lack of eligible professionals in the areas of technology, mathematics, robotics, and engineering, all of which are completely essential skills for the future of Earth. There are many ways in which our future can go. Many have given up and await a time of darkness, misery, and hopelessness. Others await God to return and fix all our problems for us. It is up to us, with the help of God to identify and fix the problems, heal the wounds, and renovate the damage that has accumulated throughout recent history. We must learn from our mistakes, and evolve to be better people in all aspects of life. Witchcraft and seduction go hand in hand, both of which are yin in an extreme form. Many women have a seductive appeal that goes beyond simply their physical beauty. These women are usually those who were sexually abused or traumatized by being exposed to sexuality early in life. Men who are seductive are often called charming. Although charm is not bad, in excess it can be. Charming people can make people do things that they would not normally do. Many politicians and charismatic leaders such as pastors and heads of organizations utilize a toxic version of charm to manipulate people into bending their will to them. This can be in the form of flattery or irritation, both of which are used to infiltrate the defenses of a person to gain control over their mind. An example of this could be a spiritual leader who gets his followers to believe in and worship him to the point that they become vegans, or vegetarians. He may get them to quit their jobs or spend an unhealthy amount of time studying his material, performing rituals or prayers, or participating in questionable and dangerous physical or sexual behavior.

This happens often in New Age circles with gurus, and even in Christian churches under very yin and manipulative pastors who sexually prey on broken women and boys in their congregations. These charming people, male or female never accept anyone disagreeing with them, and immediately try to humiliate or discredit anyone who would question their beliefs or behaviors. These people must be avoided at all costs. One is much better off listening to the Holy Spirit within themselves and relying on their conscious and common sense. In fact, radical spirituality is a sign of being too yin, and having too much of a toxic or bio-unavailable form of copper in the organs, especially the brain. Those who have grown up around very spiritual and religious people usually come to realize that they often suffer from mental illnesses, emotional disorders and oftentimes lead very sinful and abnormal lives, make bad decisions, and have strange obsessions. This is due is great part to highly unbalanced mineral levels and toxic forms of copper and other chemicals. Once these biochemical issues are fixed, the person becomes more mentally balanced and begins to lead a much more moral and productive life without the over fixation on religious activities such as speaking in tongues, yelling, and displaying irrational emotional behavior during church services. Most witchcraft practiced today is a form of toxic yin thinking and ritual. Using spells, curses, hexes, and the like, people attempt to control or manipulate other human beings. This is always wrong and should not be done. There are exceptions in the case of those who practice good forms of energy work, which are designed to help free a person from a curse or wrong way of thinking through certain healing practices. One must also be careful with individuals who claim these powers, because they may not be what they appear. As you heal yourself, the Spirit of God will lead you to make good decisions and you will be given the grace and strength to get through your challenges, trials, and the tribulations that all people must go through in this