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Nutritional Balancing is a means of reducing stress and balancing, strengthening and restoring body chemistry.  When this is done, many health conditions improve.  Nutritional balancing is not a substitute for regular medical care.  It is not a means of diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease or condition, mental or physical. 

Full Numerological breakdown, along with a detailed astrological understanding of the most important aspects of yourself. You will understand how you should approach the different seasons of your life, and specifically how to approach each new year, as each year will require a differnt focus. This will allow one to understand the gifts, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and challenges that the Most High God has given you in this world. Very detailed and one of kind mixing of both Numerology and Astrology, with a basis in the faith and love of God. In order to maximize our potential, we all need help and guidance. This is an excellent guide for you and your loved ones.

Numerology/Astrology Life Road Map Reading