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Nutritional Balancing is a means of reducing stress and balancing, strengthening and restoring body chemistry.  When this is done, many health conditions improve.  Nutritional balancing is not a substitute for regular medical care.  It is not a means of diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease or condition, mental or physical. 

Relationships Improve Through Nutritional Balancing

May 9, 2017

Copper Toxicity is rampant across the world today. This is one of the main reasons for the gender war and chronic relationship problems that we continue to see daily. Dr. Rick Malter, Ph.D is one of the pioneers of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Science. He along with Dr. Paul Eck, Dr. Larry Wilson, and a multitude of doctors and scientists have written extensively on the effects of copper toxicity. Relationships of all kinds, especially marriages suffer greatly because of copper toxicity. Many divorces take place on a daily basis, especially in the Black community. Counseling, religion, and marriage retreats have done very little to reverse this problem. It's time for us as humans to look at other possible causes and corrections.



There are many reasons for copper toxicity. Copper water pipes in our homes and buildings, along with malnutrition, unhealthy societal and work conditions, vegetarian and vegan diets, low zinc levels, poorly functioning livers, kidneys, and other organs, in addition to an onslaught of heavy metals in the body can all lead to copper toxicity. Women today are extremely damaged by copper toxicity, even more so than men. This is because women inherently carry higher levels of copper that is necessary to carry a child to term safely. Copper is greatly needed in the body for many functions, for example, copper is essential for the Electron Transport System of the cells.



The Electron Transport System must function adequately in order to properly produce energy in the body. Most people have an un-usable form of copper in their bodies. Dr. Larry Wilson refers to it as a Bio-unavailable form of copper, meaning that although copper is needed greatly in the body, its current form is un-unable, thus becomes extremely detrimental in the body. Most men and women cannot adequately produce copper binding proteins because of poorly functioning enzyme systems and sluggish, or damaged livers and adrenal glands. This causes copper to buildup in the system, which affects the mind and the emotions in a major way. As copper increases in the body and brain, Calcium also increases in an attempt to offset the negative emotions caused by copper toxicity.



Copper is known as an emotional mineral, and too much of it will heighten all emotions, especially those negative emotions such as anger, wrath, revenge, envy, hatred, and illogical reasoning. This causes calcium to rise in an attempt of the body to numb the emotions. This generates many people who no longer have natural affection for their spouses or the situations of anyone else, often including their own children. Their emotions, feelings, and their souls become numb. They have no problem hurting others and acting selfishly. They no longer feel any connection or love for their spouses, and eventually break up, causing devastation to their families and the mental, spiritual, and emotional state of their children, not to mention the generational curses and negative energy patterns they generate for their lineage.



The children will begin to develop similar emotion numbing biochemistry in order to cope with divorces, arguments, and strife between their parents. What can be done to reverse this travesty in America? Everyone must begin a Nutritional Balancing Program to begin to balance the mineral levels and ratios of the body and brain. There must be a revolution of intelligent thinkers and leaders who will guide our people back to sanity, unity, health, and happiness. This can and will be done, one person, one family, and one community at a time. Get your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test done today so that you can begin a program to get your life on the track that you were created to be on. 


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