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Nutritional Balancing is a means of reducing stress and balancing, strengthening and restoring body chemistry.  When this is done, many health conditions improve.  Nutritional balancing is not a substitute for regular medical care.  It is not a means of diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease or condition, mental or physical. 

Community/Homeschooling, a Better Alternative

May 16, 2017


In my book "Human Development Today and Beyond", there is a section that details the atrocity that we call public schooling in America. We must understand right now, that in order to gain back our freedom, liberty, integrity, honor, morality, happiness, peace, and prosperity, we must DRASTICALLY change the way our children are educated. There are countless documentaries, commentaries, articles, books, and videos detailing the beginnings of public school in America. From DAY 1, public schooling was a tool used by those people who sought out to control, manipulate, and enslave the masses. In the beginning phases of public schooling, children were educated efficiently, discipline was good, and the masses of American children gained great benefits from mandatory schooling. There was a point in time in America that many children were never afforded the opportunity to learn to read and write because their parents were also illiterate. But the engineers of the public schooling system understood clearly that in order for their plan to flourish, there had to be immediate benefits to the system in order for people to jump on the bandwagon.


But underneath the surface, there was always a diabolical plan to disassociate children from their parents, from their morals, and from their own intuitive conscious. On the bright side, we've seen all kinds of innovation, technological advancements, and increased quality of living. But is this due to the public schooling system? I don't believe so. We must understand that in a society, the small minority of innovators, inventors, and leaders create the quality of life for an entire community or Country. Many of our greatest minds did not grow up in public school, and many were in fact self taught. What public schooling has created is a line of cookie cutter drones who have been programmed just enough to be able to take instructions from Corporations and the Big Brother/Fascist State. They're taught to work themselves to the bone for decades, just to die penniless, friendless, and purposeless. Whatever public schooling once was, it is no longer valuable in ANY way. One walk through the hallways of any public school, especially in the inner city, and you'll see an abundance of vulgarity, sexuality, yelling, screaming, cursing, hatred, bullying, envy, trash talking, and other unwholesome and unbecoming behavior from students. The silly part of it all is that most parents feel as though it is the OTHER students who are the problem...they're influencing their little angel to do wrong. Single mothers, and overbearing, angry wives are the worst at blaming everyone else for their child's behavior. It's a sad sight to see.


But there are alternatives. Homeschooling is on the rise, and has been for years now. There are homeschooling communities in all major cities, and there are very affordable and high quality home-school curriculum packages that a creative and positive minded married couple, or single parent can take advantage of. All it takes is a few like minded families, who are willing to invest the time, effort, and minimal funds into taking control of their children, not allowing them to be brainwashed and contaminated by the media, the school system, and other outside temptations and forces. We must understand that children, even teenagers are nowhere near being fully developed physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. They do not possess the ability to withstand peer pressure, teasing, and the temptation to be like everyone else. Most grown adults, especially women have the inability to be themselves, how much more so is it evident in our children. Once a young girl is pressured into having sex as a teenager behind the back of her parents, who are usually not around to begin with, she is forever changed, and can never take that moment back to regain her innocence. As our boys go through school wasting their time trying to be cool, get girls, and talk trash to each other all day, their school years pass them by, and their forever stuck in low wage paying jobs, that are built keep them in a perpetual state of poverty. Money is power, land is power, influence, and community is power, and a young man with no skills, work ethic, or education is POWERLESS in life. 


These are the conditions we've allowed our people to drift into right up under our noses. Most parents pride themselves on knowing their children, being their for their children, and taking care of them, when that is furthest from the truth. Parents have no idea who their children are because from birth they've been in a constant system of Daycare all day, come home, play, eat, bathe, and sleep. As they grow older, they are stuck in school all day, then come home, go to their rooms, or go out with friends, never to be seen again unless it's time to eat. Parents waste valuable time on social media while their children grow up before their eyes, all while developing high levels of anger and resentment towards the parents for not being their for them, for not shielding them and protecting them from peer pressure, sexual pressure, bad influences, and awkward situations. Single mothers give their children the worst advice about mostly every area of life, then feel guilty, especially when the male child grows up and has not fulfilled his potential. These issues can be stopped and reversed if families would commit to homeschooling or community schooling their children. Parents would be astounded to know the depth of personality and light in which their children possess if they would only spend time with them. Understand that everyone who is raised from birth to adulthood, going from daycare to school to college, to real life, are all still neglected little children on the inside. These neglected little souls were never given the love, attention, and protection they needed as babies and as young people. This is a large reason why we see the extreme level of attention seeking by child and adult alike in our society.


Community homeschooling networks can be established by families who put their brains together and figure out ways where the women can take turns teaching the very young children, and collaborate to make the educational experience excellent. If there are 6 children between 3 families, there can be a scenario where 2 mothers work to educate the children, being able to give individual attention to each child because of the low teacher to student ratio, while the other woman is preparing the meals, the lessons, and planning for the next day or week, rather it be a field trip, costumes, interactive lessons, etc. The point of the matter is this; Our public schooling system has gotten us nowhere, and children are getting worse in all areas, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Homeschooling and Community Schooling is as excellent alternative and option for families that can change the direction our society is headed in, and help engineer a brighter future for us all.  

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