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Nutritional Balancing is a means of reducing stress and balancing, strengthening and restoring body chemistry.  When this is done, many health conditions improve.  Nutritional balancing is not a substitute for regular medical care.  It is not a means of diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease or condition, mental or physical. 

Righteousness & Health Connection

September 24, 2017


The connection between righteous living and health is strong, intertwined, and undeniable. As the children of the Most High, we must understand that we are called to live in a certain fashion. Abstaining from uncleanness, adultery, false god worship, hatred, evil works, envy, and violence, along with all other works of unrighteousness, is necessary for long lasting health. Living according to the laws, statutes, and commandments of the scriptures will guarantee one spiritual health, which translates on one level to physical health. Starting a Nutritional Balancing Program from a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can only guarantee a certain level of physical health. The mental and spiritual aspect must be equally understood and practiced.


Our lives should be lives of discipline and efficiency. We must discipline our minds not to wonder and to waste time. We must discipline our bodies to wake up early and begin our work for the day. We must discipline our flesh to conserve and save our money, and must discipline our minds to follow after wisdom and patience in our decision making. Ir order to do these things, we must have help from a spiritual source outside of ourselves. The "Elect" of the Most High must receive their spiritual guidance from the Holy Spirit of the Most High. The Spirit guides our minds and our steps if we allow her. In order for this to happen, we must control and put under our feet the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eye, and the pride of life. 


I we rebuild our families, under the correct order of the scriptures, the Father as the head of the home, the Mother as the nurturer and guider of the home, and the children in obedience to the parents, in innocence of spirit. If we put away our Iphones, our pornography, or fornication, our laziness, our gluttony, our envy, our irresponsible spending, our lack of compassion, our unrighteous judgments, and our worship of celebrities and popular culture, we will be blessed from above. Our blessings will manifest in wisdom, physical health, happiness, and success. Nutritional Balancing Science is simply a component of holy and righteous living, but the Elect of the Most High must embrace all those things decreed in the scriptures to procure His blessings.

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